• M&A - Acquisition and sale of equity stakes

    M&A - Acquisition and sale of equity stakes

    Advisory engagement on exclusive basis to sell or purchase equity stakes.
  • M&A - Mergers, MBO, LBO, Joint-Venture

    M&A - Mergers, MBO, LBO, Joint-Venture

    Merger: the main purpose of a merger is the need to strength and increase its market presence and to obtain synergies.
  • M&A - Real Estate Transactions

    M&A - Real Estate Transactions

    Arcadia can offer an extremely high level of expertise.
  • M&A - Financial Evaluation and Business Plan

    M&A - Financial Evaluation and Business Plan

    The business plan is a powerful and very useful tool to check the company performance in the forecasted timing.

Arcadia Financial Advisors

Estabilished in 2001, Arcadia provides a complete support for M&A deals as like as acquisitions, disposals and partners research for entrepreneurs, companies, private equity funds and other investors.

The relationship with the Customers is the focus of our business and their satisfaction is our sole target.

We always set up stable and genuine relationships with our Customers, continuously focused on their goals in order to match their expectations.

Over the years we have developed cooperations with private equity funds, entrepreneurs and companies of different sizes with operations in different sectors and industries.

Our track record (mentioned in the “track record” annex) is the most remarkable evidence of our quality focus.

Our know-how is targeted to Real Estate deals too on which we can exploit our relevant practice.

Track Record

  • Operazione-44
  • Operazione-43
  • Operazione-42
  • Operazione-41
  • Operazione-40
  • Operazione-39
  • Operazione-38
  • Operazione-37
  • Operazione-36
  • Operazione-35
  • Operazione-34
  • Operazione-33
  • Operazione-32
  • Operazione-31
  • Operazione-30
  • Operazione-29
  • Operazione-28
  • Operazione-27
  • Operazione-26
  • Operazione-25
  • Operazione-24
  • Operazione-23
  • Operazione-22
  • Operazione-21
  • Operazione-20
  • Operazione-19
  • Operazione-18
  • Operazione-17
  • Operazione-16
  • Operazione-15
  • Operazione-14
  • Operazione-13
  • Operazione-12
  • Operazione-11
  • Operazione-10
  • Operazione-9
  • Operazione-8
  • Operazione-7
  • Operazione-6
  • Operazione-5
  • Operazione-4
  • Operazione-3
  • Operazione-2
  • Operazione-1